OMECO Consortium Ltd is a British company with a large network of associates in Europe and rest of the world, …

About US

OMECO Consortium Ltd is a British company with a large network of associates in Europe and rest of the world, including some of the world's largest companies in its fields of activity. OMECO works as EPCF contractor and has access to funds in London, Europe and Far East.

  • Activity Fields
    • Dam & HPP.
    • Roads, Bridges & Tunnels.
    • Oil & Gas infrastructures.
    • Solar & Wind turbines.
    • Design and Manufacture of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Plants (EPCF)
    • Project Management.
    • Procurement Management.
    • Construction Management.
    • Commissioning & Pre-Commissioning of Chemical Plants.
    • Feasibility and Techno-Economic Studies.
    • Undersea & Overhead pipelines.
REC Solution References

REC Solution, founded in Norway in 1996, is a joint venture between REC and GRAESS, two leaders in the solar industry. REC manufactures more than 25 million panels, amounting to 6.3 GW. REC manufactures integrated products from silicon to wafers, cells and panels.

Country Project Name
Germany 92 MWP, BRIEST.
Boreas Wind Group References

BWG has focused on preparing large scale wind and solar projects, its activities range from photovoltaic systems, wind energy parks, renewable raw martials and hydropower stations. BWG currently has a wind farm pipeline of more than 1 GM. BWG currently has a solar project pipeline globally in excess of 1 GW.

Areas of activities
Europe Great Britain, Germany, Italy.
Asia Japan, Thailand, India.
North America USA.
South America Argentina.
Aram International References

ARAM International was founded in 2002 in The Netherlands, as an International Division of ARAM Group, providing extensive services to its domestic and overseas clients. 15 years of excellence in its focus areas of Energy, Oil & Gas, High-Tech and Infra-structure, has enabled Aram International to provide tailor-made solutions based on its client’s requirements.

Activity Fields
  • Engineering.
    • Conceptual design.
    • Front End Engineering Design (FEED).
    • Detail design.
    • Supporting procurement activities.
  • Commodity Trading.
    • Contracting.
    • Storing & Processing.
    • Sourcing.
    • Distribution & logistics.
    • Marketing & Sales.
  • Project Management & Control.
  • Procurement Management.
  • Shipbuilding.
  • Investment & Finance.
  • Software Development and Implementation.
  • Management Consulting.
  • Training & Education.
Various Pipe Line Projects VariousIndustrial Projects
Nord Stream Refineries
South Stream Petrochemical Plants
Turk Stream Power Plants
Various Ship Building Projects Tank Farms
FPSO Bio Fuel Plants
Pipe and Cable Layers

Some of Projects
MAAI Pipeline

❖MAAI JV Pipeline Project
❖Onshore & offshore gas pipeline
❖Length:1200 kilometers
❖Diameter: 26˝

ARAM Tank Terminal

❖Located in the Port of Rotterdam.
❖Total 75 ha at two sites interconnected by pipe
❖Full development capacity of maximum 3,500,000 m3 for crude/products
❖38 storage tanks
❖Deepwater access up to Suezmax and VLCC draft

CCGT Power Plant

❖Power Output (Net): 423.4 MW
❖Power Output (Gross) : 430.0 MW
❖Lay-out: 1 gas turbine + 1 steam turbine
❖Combined Cycle Mode Efficiency (Natural Gas Fired) ηNet,corr: 58,55%
❖Fuel (Main / Auxiliary): Natural Gas
❖OEM: Siemens
❖Grid Connection: 400 kV
❖Main Cooling Demand: Fresh Water (max 8 m³/min)

Partner Companies in the Netherlands

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